Michael Berman

Michael Berman is a teacher, a writer and a Core Shamanic Counsellor. Publications include the Build Your Vocabulary series for LTP and A Multiple Intelligences Road to an ELT Classroom for Crown House Publishing, available online via www.crownhouse.co.uk or  www.accelerated-learning.co.uk . His most recent book, ELT through Multiple Intelligences, was published in January 2001 and is available electronically only (to download, for example) from www.netlearnpublications.com . Michael has his own website featuring a new article every month - please visit www.thestoryteller.org.uk .

Michael has been involved in TESOL for over twenty five years and has given presentations at Conferences in Austria, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, France, Georgia, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, Spain, Turkey, and the Ukraine. He is currently working on how to develop SQ (Spiritual Intelligence) through ELT.

Details of his latest publications are available here. He also offers a range of seminars, workshops and talks, details of which are available here.


A Multiple Intelligences Road To An ELT Classroom

Written and designed for TEFL teachers this is a visually appealing, thoroughly practical resource full of exercises, activities, stories, visualisations, puzzles and information for immediate use in the classroom. Organised into ten clearly defined units, it deals in turn with each of the eight intelligences – logical/mathematical, verbal/linguistic, visual/spatial, bodily/kinesthetic, musical/rhythmic, interpersonal, intrapersonal and naturalist – providing exercises and advice for teaching using each of them. Built on sound grammatical foundations, the book contains all a teacher will need to keep students challenged and learning in the style that suits them best. Covering all essential areas of ELT, A Multiple Intelligences Road To An ELT Classroom makes teaching easily accessible, compelling and FUN! An extremely versatile book, this can also be used as an activities resource for teachers of English as a first language.

16.99 now 15.29

The Power Of Metaphor: Story Telling and Guided Journeys For Trainers & Therapists

Authors: Michael Berman & David Brown

An exploration of story, metaphor and guided visualisation for use in teaching, training and therapy. Point of sale and counter pack available.

Publication date: May 2000
Price: 12.99 Paperback

ISBN: 1899836438

Seminars and Workshops

A MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES ROAD TO AN ELT CLASSROOM Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theory will be presented, including information on the most recently proposed eighth Intelligence Type. There will also be the opportunity to discover your own Intelligence Profile. This will be followed by ways of incorporating the theory into lesson planning so as to cater for all types of learner. The importance of Emotional Intelligence will also be considered and how it relates to MI Theory. A demonstration of how to incorporate activities to cater for all eight Intelligences into the same lesson will conclude the session.

THE TEACHER & THE WOUNDED HEALER In tribal societies the person chosen to be the shaman or Medicine Man was often a wounded healer – someone who had been through a near-death experience and who was consequently well suited to helping others through difficult times. This workshop will examine the ways in which learners are wounded and how to deal with the consequences through story used as metaphor. As reality follows image, an effective way of enhancing self-esteem and helping learners to recognize their own power to shape both their inner and outer experiences is by making use of guided imagery. Through the visualisation Slaying The Dragon Called Fear you will be able to experience the healing process for yourself. The use of reformulation will be considered too - both as a device for dealing with learning blocks and as a teaching tool.

THE SAFER LESSON MODEL First there was the PPP model, then there was Jim Scrivener's more flexible ARC, and there's the Michael Lewis model OHE too. Like me, you're probably wondering what will come next. How about the SAFER model? Not only can it incorporate PPP, ARC, OHE or the Task Based Learning Approach, but it also makes use of Accelerated Learning techniques to help create optimal learning conditions and for the Review stage of the cycle. In view of the fact that 80% of input is lost within 24 hours without some form of review, this stage of the model will be dealt with in detail.

HOW TO CATER FOR THE INTRAPERSONAL INTELLIGENCE TYPE Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Theory accounts for why certain learners object to pairwork despite the fact that it clearly increases STT in class – Student Talking Time. Learners with high Intrapersonal Intelligence prefer having an opportunity to look within first before discussing their thoughts with others and failure to cater for this fact in class can only lead to resentment. A selection of activities will be presented in this workshop, all designed with this aim in mind.

INSIDE THE LEARNING PLACE Cahill and Halpern suggest in their book "The Ceremonial Circle" that there are three distinct stages in ceremony which need to be honored for the experience to touch us deeply: Severance- leaving behind the everyday world, entering Sacred Time & Space – going beyond ourselves, and Reincorporation – returning with new self-knowledge. As these are the same psychological processes that compose our lives, there is a strong case to be made for following the same steps in class. The three stages will be illustrated through the use of story telling and guided imagery.

THE UNTAPPED LEARNING STYLE Neuro-Linguistic Programming has made us aware of the main Learning Styles – visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory and gustatory. But what about the use of intuition? Acceptance of intuition gives us greater access to information, augments the limited perspective of our five familiar senses, and prompts us to transcend our linear view of time and space. Intuition entails listening to the inner voice. In addition to being able to experience the process for yourself, an analysis of the language used to activate the voice will enable you to devise your own scripts. The session will also deal with how to overcome intuitive interference – the blocking out of information that represents a contradiction between our feeling for a situation and its expression in a foreign language.

THE POWER OF METAPHOR Storytelling is an effective vehicle to deliver messages to the subconscious where the "aha’s" of metaphor take place. When the subconscious is activated or accessed, the material enters the mind with no resistance. As a result, metaphors can affect dramatic change in an individual. According to psychologists, our memories seem to work best when we can see things as part of a recognised pattern, when our imaginations are aroused, when we can make natural associations between one idea and another, and when the information appeals strongly to our senses. An imaginative story rich in vocabulary that appeals to the senses and works as a metaphor clearly fulfils all these criteria. The telling of stories can lead into parallel story writing, the production of dialogues and role play. The process will be illustrated by making use of the Creation Myths of tribal peoples and traditional folk tales.

MAKING THE BORING BITS INTERESTING How do most course books deal with the teaching of articles? Probably be providing sleep-inducing cloze tests – fill in the gaps with a, the or nothing at all. Surely there must be more interesting ways of dealing with the subject. The suggestions on offer in this workshop will include Picture Dictations, Find Your Other Half, a round-the-world tour, the Just A Minute Game and writing Haiku. The OHE Model proposed by Michael Lewis will be illustrated as well as a means of incorporating the Lexical Approach.

His seminars, workshops and presentations take a variety of formats depending on the audience. If you would like him to speak at your institution please contact him directly via the details below.

Contact: Michael Berman at 60 Loveridge Road, London NW6 2DT

Phone: 020 - 7328 7827 (home)

Website: www.thestoryteller.org.uk

e-mail: michaelberman@60loveridge.freeserve.co.uk